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Talking Healthcare

Talking healthcare items can help a blind or visually impaired user stay healthy and independent.  These products can include talking blood pressure monitors, talking glucose meters, talking personal scales, talking thermometers, talking pulse oximeters, and talking pill reminders.  Most of these products can also come in a Spanish speaking version

  • Bilingual Talking Pulse Oximeter

    Bilingual Talking Pulse Oximeter

    This talking pulse oximeter will measure the oxygen level in the blood, and may help detect signs of illness or virus.  It will also speak the pulse or heart rate. Can speak in English or Spanish.  This is an important tool to keep in your...

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  • Talking Pedometer

    Talking Pedometer

    Talking pedometer can help you stay in shape with a regular activity regime.   Results can be announced in steps and in distance Distance can be reported in miles or kilometers talking alarm clock announces the time uses 1 CR2025 battery,...

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  • talking IR thermometer

    Talking Infrared Personal Thermometer

    Talking personal thermometer is an infrared, non contact thermometer, making it an excellent choice for personal or group safety.  To use the thermometer, simply hold the unit 2"-4" off of the forehead and wait a few seconds for the results. ...

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  • iRemember - Talking Pill Organizer

    iRemember - Talking Pill Organizer

    Not sure if you took your pills today? Now you can confidently take control of your health with the iRemember weekly Talking Pill Organizer. The iRemember Bluetooth 4.1 enabled talking pill lid comes with seven stacked 3 section compartments for each day...

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  • Superior Clear Voice Talking Scale - 550lbs

    Superior Clear Voice Talking Scale - 550lbs

    The Superior Talking Scale now comes with an easy-to-hear clear English-speaking female voice. It is accurate to .2 lbs (0.1 kg) and speaks weight in a loud clear voice, or it can be silenced so only the large 1.25" numbers display your weight. Speaks in...

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  • Superior Clear VoiceTalking Scale - 440lbs

    Superior Clear VoiceTalking Scale - 440lbs

    This talking scale truly is superior: it towers head and shoulders over every other scale we tried. It is accurate to within 1% of actual weight, and weighs up to 440 lbs (or 220 kg) in .2 lb increments. It speaks in a clear, audible female voice, and...

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    Talking Upper Arm Blood Pressure Meter

    Talking Upper Arm Blood Pressure Meter

    • one touch operation • 2 person memory storage, 90 measurements each • average of last 3 measurements • irregular heartbeat detection• choice of English of Spanish voice, or voice off• LCD display with 3 color backlighting...

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    Now: $47.76
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  • Talking Ear Thermometer

    Talking Ear Thermometer

    Our talking ear thermometer allows the user to easily take a body temperature without needing to put anything in the mouth. provides accurate results in 5 seconds has an audible 12 memory recall speaks in Fahrenheit or Celsius comes with a protective...

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  • Talking Oral Thermometer

    Talking Oral Thermometer

    Talking bi-lingual oral medical thermometer delivers spoken results in 8 seconds and can give results in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Speaks in English and Spanish. Large digital display has .75" high digits. Voice can toggle off. Please note: Due to federal...

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