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  • Wake Assure Clock W/Bed Shaker

    Wake Assure Clock W/Bed Shaker

    A clock for the hearing impaired, the sound sleeper or people with vision problems. The clock measures 4 inches x 7.5 x 2.5. Its outstanding features include: 2 inch high bright red numbers and large easy-to-use buttons; a loud alarm buzzer with tone...

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  • Door Announcer by Alertmaster

    Door Announcer by Alertmaster

    Hearing impaired individuals can use this functional unit a number of different ways. Use it as a push button door bell, attach it to your intercom or use it to signal a knock at your door. Completely adaptable, it transmits to Basic or Super Systems. A...

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  • Baby Cry Sensor by Alertmaster

    Baby Cry Sensor by Alertmaster

    Place it near your baby's crib for instant notification when your baby cries or fusses. Transmits a signal to the AL10 AlertMaster system. Adjustable sensitivity detects even the softest sound. Requires 1 9-volt battery (included).

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  • Alertmaster AL12 Remote Receiver

    Alertmaster AL12 Remote Receiver

    This remote receiver will flash a connected lamp in a different room, or rooms, when your Alertmaster base unit is activated, visually alerting the hearing impaired that there is a call coming in. The receiver can light lamps up to 80 feet away. This...

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  • Clarity Alertmaster AL10

    Clarity Alertmaster AL10

    The AlertMaster AL10TM Visual Alert System monitors the telephone, doorbell, and various sounds and motion within its environment. It features an alarm clock, large 3.5" display, security light control, lamp flasher, and vibrating alert. It is easy to...

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