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Dressing Aids

  • Braille Clothing Markers/Tags

    Braille Clothing Markers/Tags

    One hundred little aluminum braille tags that can be sewn onto any piece of clothing to identify its color, even if it's plaid or striped. The tags can be machine washed and dried and the name of the color is printed as well as Brailled on the tag. If...

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  • Loc A Sok Sock Holders

    Loc A Sok Sock Holders

    Set of 20 clips helps keep socks together from the minute they come off your feet till the time they end up back in your drawer all nice and clean.  Slip 2 socks (preferrably matched!) through the round disc, and they stay together throughout their...

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  • Thick Sock Locks - 20 pack

    Thick Sock Locks - 20 pack

    Sock Locks allow you to keep a pair of socks together so that you know your socks will always be properly paired and you won't inadvertently match a blue and a black sock.  From the moment you take them off, push both socks through the keeper, and...

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  • WayTag Oval Hole Buttons - 25 Pack

    WayTag Oval Hole Buttons - 25 Pack

    WayTag Oval Hole Buttons - 25 Pack Oval buttons can be sewn or pinned into clothing.WayTag oval hole buttons are a little bigger than the WayTag 2-hole buttons, making the oval hole variety an ideal solution for anyone with fine motor loss or people who...

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  • WayTag 2 hole Buttons - 25 Pack

    WayTag 2 hole Buttons - 25 Pack

    WayTag 2 hole Buttons - 25 Pack Pack of 25 buttons can be tied into shoe laces or sewn or pinned onto clothing and can go through the washing machine and dryerWayAround Product TaggingThe WayAround product line is a combination of smartphone app and...

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  • WayLink Scanner

    WayLink Scanner

    The WayLink Scanner uses wireless near-field communication (NFC) to transfer information between NFC tags and the WayAround mobile app. Use the WayLink Scanner for faster, continuous scanning, without the need to interface with your phone. It is also...

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  • WayAround Laundry Starter Pack

    WayAround Laundry Starter Pack

    The Laundry Starter Pack contains WayTag 2-hole buttons plus a blind-friendly sewing kit--everything you need to get started tagging your clothing with WayAround. Here's what's included:25 WayTag 2-hole buttons6 Self-threading needles in assorted...

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  • Speechmaster Talking Color Identifier

    Speechmaster Talking Color Identifier

    An affordable talking color identifier that identifies colors by naming the color and the intensity. For instance it will say 'dark blue' or 'light green' when the detector nozzle is held against whatever surface is being examined. Product Features: ...

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  • Zipper Pull / Button Loop

    Zipper Pull / Button Loop

    No more struggling and straining to reach your buttons and zippers. This button pull is the perfect tool! Here is a dressing aid that helps people with limited mobility or vision. It is specifically designed to help you grab and hold those small little...

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