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Coil Magnifiers

Coil Magnifiers offer the highest quality in optical magnification.  Their Raylite series of stand magnifiers are available in 9 different strengths, ranging from 7D to 55D.  The illuminating handles are available in 5 different illuminations styles, including the LED, LED Duo, incandescent, halogen battery and halogen electric.  The Coil pocket magnifiers offer the Coil AT Max series which is an innovative design which offers one of the widest fields of view in an optical magnifier.  The standard Coil pocket LED magnifiers also are always a popular choice.  The Coil pocket magnifiers range from 8D to 40D in 5 different magnification strengths.  Coil also several series of non-illuminated magnifiers including the Classic Black Line, the Hi Power Hand Readers, Hi Power Stand Magnifiers and the prismatic and hyperocular spectacles.