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  • SR200 extra loud phone ringer

    Extra Loud Phone Ringer SR200

    This super loud phone ringer from Clarity generates an extra loud 95dB ring and offers a choice of four ringing patterns, so individuals with hearing loss can find the best ring for them. Also includes adjustable volume control, a bright visual ring...

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  • UA-45 Inline Telephone Amplifier

    UA-45 Inline Telephone Amplifier

    The UA-45 Telephone Amplifier converts virtually any of your corded phones into an amplified telephone. -amplifies incoming voices up to 170 times (45+dB) -patented technology enables the telephone amplifier to work with virtually all corded phones, at...

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  • Universal Ringer/Flasher

    Universal Ringer/Flasher

    • telephone signaler alerts user to both landline and cell phone calls • cell phones rest in the cradle and incoming call vibration triggers the alert • landline plugs into the device for alert • different...

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  • Phone Strobe Flasher

    Phone Strobe Flasher

    This compact, affordable strobe light has a powerful flash to alert you to a ringing phone.- bright, built-in strobe flashes when your telephone or TTY rings - works with any analog phone system - easy installation - powered by the phone line; no battery...

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  • Serene Portable Phone Amplifier

    Serene Portable Phone Amplifier

    With an improved acoustic coupler that hugs the handset speaker more tightly, feedback and squealing are virtually eliminated. FEATURES: - Easily straps onto any standard, cordless or pay-phone handset - Amplifies sounds to 30 dB - Digital speech...

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  • Geemarc Telephone Ring Amplifier

    Geemarc Telephone Ring Amplifier

    Never miss a phone call again with the AmpliCALL10! When your telephone rings, this telephone ringer indicator will ring very loudly and flash to let you know there is an incoming call. A CLA2 shaker pad can be plugged into the AmpliCALL10: when the...

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  • Cordless Phone Amplifier for T-Coils

    Cordless Phone Amplifier for T-Coils

    NoiZfree headsets have lightweight hooks that rest next to your hearing aid and transfer sound from your cellular and cordless phone or audio source to your ear using the telecoil. This provides you with increased sound clarity and speech comprehension...

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  • HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier

    HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier

    This HearAll Bluetooth Cellphone Amplifier pairs with your personal Bluetooth enabled cell phone and amplifies all cell phone calls up to 40dB. This personal mobile phone amplifier will work with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or mobile...

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