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Bed Accessories

  • Image: easy riser support rail

    Multifunction Support Rail

    Free standing support rail can assist in getting out of bed or off of a couch.  Three levels of grips allow the user to have multiple points of leverage for both hands and can assist with rising from multiple locations and different heights.  A...

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  • SafetySure Leg Up

    SafetySure Leg Up

    The SafetySure Leg Up is the ideal product for individuals that have troubles lifting their leg(s) in and out of bed. The Leg Up can also be used to place your leg on the footplate of any wheelchair. The Leg Up is 42" in length and is made from nylon...

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  • SafetySure Bed Pull Up

    SafetySure Bed Pull Up

    The SafetySure Bed Pull-Up assists individuals in pulling themselves up in bed. Made of durable cotton webbing, the Bed Pull-Up easily attaches to the bottom of the bed frame. Eight, equally spaced, handles allows the individual to rise at their own...

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  • The Bed Step

    The Bed Step

    Constructed of durable, splinter-free plywood coated with lavquer. Designed to make getting in and out of bed easier.The two steps are 4" and 8" high, 12" deep by 24" wide. Steps are covered with foot-friendly carpet. The side panel can be placed on...

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  • Therapy Steps

    Therapy Steps

    Therapy Steps are made of lacquer finished plywood and the steps are covered with foot-friendly carpet. System contains 4 steps, step heights are 2", 4", 6" & 8" which can help with balance retraining and muscle response. Weight capacity: 400 lbs...

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  • Posture - Rite Lap Desk Posture - Rite Lap Desk

    Posture - Rite Lap Desk

    A portable, adjustable lap desk, ideal for bed and wheelchair patients. Scientifically designed, lightweight, wedge-shaped cushion is filled with foam beads. Non-glare, wipe clean, plastic laminated tabletop provides a comfortable reading, writing or...

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