Independent Living Aids is happy to accept orders direct from consumers. Orders must be pre-paid with a major credit or debit card, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Orders may also be pre-paid by sending us a check or money order. Unfortunately, we are not able to process COD orders.


Independent Livings Aids welcomes dealers and wholesalers. ILA is not accepting any new dealers to resell our products on Amazon, and dealers must abide by any Minimum advertised pricing which we set. Independent Living Aids will also enforce a minimum order size for all dealer orders. Dealers are not restricted to any particular region, but we may have restrictions on certain products which can only be sold in certain areas or within the US only. Dealers who wish to operate on a Net 30 terms must submit a credit application and be approved for open account purchasing. If a dealer chooses to buy on Net 30 terms, they may not settle their account with a credit card at the end of the 30 day period.


Institutional Agencies
Independent Livings Aids sells to State agencies, schools, not-for-profits, hospitals and independent living facilities across the country, and we are well versed in the purchasing requirements of these organizations. We are well equipped to support your purchasing protocols, and we have an excellent and professional sales and customer service team to handle all of your inquiries. We can offer competitive discount prices to qualified buyers who reach minimum annual buying levels. Please call us at 800-537-2118 or email us at if you need sales support or if you need to request a W9.


International Customers
Independent Living Aids works with customers all across the globe, including individuals and large institutional buyers. Our international customers are responsible for any Import, Customs, or Duties which their countries may impose. All international orders must be pre-paid by wire transfer, Pay-Pal, or credit card, depending on the size of the order. Shipping charges will vary by order size and destination. ILA can help arrange for a shipping quote ahead of time. Customers may also choose to use their own freight forwarder.