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Task Lamps

  • Color Changing Desk Lamp

    Color Changing Desk Lamp

    • Sleek desk lamp offers three lighting tones, ranging from warm light (3,000K) to natural (4,000K) to bright cool light (6,000K) • Useful in a variety of settings and for a variety of tasks • 400 lumens brightness • Soft rubber...

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  • Uno LED Flex Desk Lamp

    Uno LED Flex Desk Lamp

    • 28 high performance, energy efficient LED bulbs • 4 brightness settings, 6,000K daylight color bulb • slim, modern design for a sleek, low profile appearance • flexible arms allow for optimal positioning • ...

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  • Desk Model Reading Lamp

    Desk Model Reading Lamp

    This convenient desk lamp has a 20" flexible goose-neck and a sturdy 7" round base. The flexible gooseneck arm can be positioned in many useful ways to suit you reading needs. Double vented reflector shade helps dissipate heat. The lamp is UL listed for...

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  • Daylight Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp

    Daylight Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp

    Perfect for reading and working at a table. LED bulb offers 1,000 lumens of brightness at a 6,000K color temperature and will light up any large surfaces to give you the best color rendering ever. With its flexible neck, you can direct the light exactly...

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  • LED Adjustable Beam Desk Lamp

    LED Adjustable Beam Desk Lamp

    Adjustable LED lamp can increase and decrease the intensity of the light output by pulling on the shade. Beam adjusts from a width of 3" (highest intensity) to 33" (lowest intensity) at a distance of 12". This allows the user to find the best balance...

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  • Z-Line Lamp by Enfren

    Z-Line Lamp by Enfren

    Sometimes a lamp just looks so beautiful you have to comment on it. That's what we did the first time we saw the Z-Line adjustable electric task lamp. It's striking! This modern-looking desk lamp offers brilliant white LED lighting with glare-control...

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  • Rechargeable LED Light Rechargeable LED Light

    Rechargeable LED Light

    Transport natural daylight wherever you go! This portable slim style rechargeable lamp provides you with wireless portable light for up to 10 hours on the low setting or for 4 hours when set at its brightest illumination. The lightweight, foldable...

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