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  • image: 6 way jar opener

    6 Way Multi Opener

    If you have a hard time opening various jars, cans and bottles, this 6 way opener can be a real help.  The 6 Way Multi Opener features a comfortable, durable grip for opening cans, drink bottles, metal bottles, screw tops, jars, sealed plastic bags,...

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  • Image: talking food thermometer

    Talking Food Thermometer

    Make sure your meat is properly cooked with this loud talking food thermometer. Insert the thermometer into your food, press the "talk" button, and the thermometer speaks the temperature on demand, in 0.1°F increments.  With a talking food...

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  • Image: boil alert in package Image: boil alert

    Metal Boil Alert

    This small, metal disc sits in a pot of water or other liquid.  Once the liquid in the pot starts to boil, the disc rattles against the sides of the pot, letting the user know that the water is fully boiling.  This audible rattle helps take the...

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  • Image: microwave cool caddy with bowl Image: microwave cool caddy with plate

    Microwave Cool Caddy

    Microwave caddy can hold any plate or bowl between 5” and 10” and prevents burnt fingers by offering a safer way to remove and carry hot foods from a microwave.  Caddy catches spills and boil-overs and makes microwave clean up much...

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  • Image: oven liner with pie Image: oven liner being cut

    Oven Bottom Liners - 2 Pack

    Keep your oven clean with this set of 2 heat resistant, non-stick oven liners that slip into the  bottom of the oven to catch any messy drips, spills and run-overs.  Liners can be cut to any size and are are easily removed for quick clean up...

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  • Image: indoor grill

    4 Serving Indoor Grill

    An indoor grill is an ingenious tools for the visually impaired cook to use in the kitchen. It can cook food with minimal prep and limited touching, and it can help keep hands away from hot surfaces.  This 2 sided non-stick indoor grill allows you...

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  • Spice Carousel

    Spice Carousel

    Spice carousel helps a low vision cook stay organized and always ready to cook the next good meal 12 spice containers with 55 pre-printed spice labels each container measures out spices in ¼ teaspoon audible clicks measured increments help keep...

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  • Single Cup Coffee Maker

    Single Cup Coffee Maker

    This small coffee maker can be used to either make 1 cup of coffee, or quickly heat up water for tea, hot chocolate or soup. Unit can heat between 5 and 10 ounces of water. Unit includes a permanent nylon coffee filter and a ceramic mug. Offers a safe...

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