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Kitchen & Cooking Aids

  • Pasta Pot with Locking Lid

    Pasta Pot with Locking Lid

    Our bright red, 5 quart pasta pot has a locking lid with drain holes in it so that you can lock the lid in place and then strain your pasta without the need to try to wrestle the noodles into a seperate strainer.  This helps keep that boiling water...

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  • Cutting Board Combo

    Cutting Board Combo

    Set of 2 different cutting boards provides 1 white and 1 dark gray board so that a user can select the highest contrast cutting board, depending on the food they are cutting.  Choose the gray board for chopping onions and celery and the white board...

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  • Easy Touch Can Opener

    Easy Touch Can Opener

    Easy touch can opener slices off the top of a can with the simple touch of one button.  No force or pressure is needed to easily remove can lids.  Opener cuts the can from the side, leaving not sharp edges.  Package inlcudes a bonus...

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  • Silicone Coasters, Square

    Silicone Coasters, Square

    Bright red silicone square coasters create a firm, secure and differentiating non-slip surface on which to place glasses, utensils, plates, or anything you don’t want to slide away.  Heat resistant to 470°.  Set of 4, in red. Coasters...

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  • Splatter Guards - 3 Pack

    Splatter Guards - 3 Pack

    Splatter guards help the visually impaired cook keep hot grease off of themselves and off of their cook tops.  Place the mesh screen on top of a fry pan in which you are cooking that is splattering, and keep the mess in the pan and off of the stove...

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  • Microwave Egg Cooker Microwave Egg Cooker

    Microwave Egg Cooker

    The microwave egg patty maker is an excellent way to quickly and neatly cook a healthy breakfast in the microwave.  Round patty maker helps cook eggs that are the perfect size for a bagel, english muffin, or croissant.   • Double wall...

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  • Single Oven Rack Guard

    Single Oven Rack Guard

    Oven rack guard is a heat resistant guard that snaps onto the front of your over rack and prevents inadvertent burns on your wrist and arm as you reach into the over.  The guard is made of meta-Aramid, the same fabric that protects fire fighters and...

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  • Single Oven Glove

    Single Oven Glove

    Our oven glove with silicone grippers allows a person to more safely remove hot pans from the oven.  Silicone beads are on either side of the glove to allow for better gripping and to offer an ambidesterous fit.  Single glove.  Machine...

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  • Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker

    Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker

    With the Fasta Pasta microwave pasta cooker, you can cook pasta in half the time with half the mess of stovetop cooking.  Fasta Pasta measures, cooks and strains your pasta, all in one easy container, reducing pots, mess, and clean up time!  A...

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  • Talking Timer

    Talking Timer

    • talking countdown timer speaks hours and minutes during set up • set up to 24 hours • speaks remaining time on demand • attached magnet/clip • requires 2 AAA batteries (NI)

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