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  • Nitewriter Light That Writes

    Nitewriter Light That Writes

    A bright light shines from the barrel of this ball point pen, illuminating the page as you write. The ideal solution for low vision persons requiring direct light. Comes complete with 2 AAA penlight batteries, bulb, and an extra ink cartridge. ...

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  • Faber Castell #8B Extra Dark Pencil

    Faber Castell #8B Extra Dark Pencil

    The great advantage of using a bold line pencil is that it has no ink to run or smudge your paper, clothes or fingers. Furthermore, it lasts longer since you only need to sharpen it to renew its usefulness. This pencil has soft lead that requires a...

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  • PenAgain Ergonomic Pen

    PenAgain Ergonomic Pen

    This most comfortable pen has been gaining popularity ever since it was first conceived 20 years ago. The primary focus of the inventors was comfort. The design accomplishes this by letting you hold the pen without having it stress your fingers, since it...

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  • Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker

    Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker

    Make a mark on just about any material (glass, metal, wood, plastic, paper, glossy labels, photographs), the Sharpie Pen makes a bold, black line that is water resistant and quick-drying. Not recommended for letter writing.

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  • Low Vision Pens Sampler (3 Pens)

    Low Vision Pens Sampler (3 Pens)

    If you know that you need a pen that creates a black, bold, heavy line that is easy to see, but you can't decide which one to buy, order this sampler. It not only lets you test 3 pens with different thicknesses and drying characteristics, but it saves...

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  • ILA CAN-DO Low Vision Contrast Pen

    ILA CAN-DO Low Vision Contrast Pen

    Writes lines in dark black that are 1 mm wide - not too large, not too thin, just the right size for you to be able to write clearly in a print size you can easily read. Ink dries quickly after you write. Theses unopened CAN-DO™ pens will be usable...

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