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Digital & Cassette Recorders

  • Self Recordable Greeting Card Self Recordable Greeting Card

    Self Recordable Greeting Card

    Are you looking for the perfect card to send to a visually impaired friend or relative? Something special for a birthday or a holiday? With our blank, recordable greeting card, you can create your own, totally personalized card for that special someone...

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  • AM/FM/CD Stereo with Cassette Player

    AM/FM/CD Stereo with Cassette Player

    This terrific portable audio player includes a CD player, a cassette player, an AM/FM radio, and an aux line-in jack for connecting an external MP3 player. Everything you could ever want! Other features include nice big buttons, skip/search forward and...

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  • Envoy Elite Digital Recorder

    Envoy Elite Digital Recorder

    • rugged, water resistant, and solar powered recorder with tactile buttons • includes a flashlight and FM radio with 5 presets • built in MP3 player to play downloaded MP3, WAV, or WMA files • recordings store sequentially in one...

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  • Portable Cassette Player with AM/FM Radio

    Portable Cassette Player with AM/FM Radio

    We have found a portable 2 track cassette player with AM/FM radio which features earbuds, a built in microphone, a detachable belt clip and operates on 2 AA batteries (not included.) It has a simple one key recording button. This cassette player also...

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  • Desktop Cassette Player

    Desktop Cassette Player

    This desktop style cassette player is not only handy for playing and recording your cassette collection, but this is also portable once loaded with 4 C cell batteries. Features: Two track cassette playing and recording.Simple one touch recording button...

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  • The Wilson Voice Recorder

    The Wilson Voice Recorder

    The Wilson Version 8 is a digital voice recorder that is simple to use, inexpensive to purchase, and made from high-quality components. Its uses are practically endless: Have you ever received an address or phone number you want to remember? Have you...

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  • 20 Second Digital Recorder

    20 Second Digital Recorder

    This economical digital recorder offers two 10 second channels, which are handy for brief reminders such as phone numbers, appointments, names or lists of things to do. They can even be used to identify contents of files, book-cases, or folders by...

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  • Olympus Digital Recorder DM-720

    Olympus Digital Recorder DM-720

    The new Olympus DM-720 uses Voice Guidance (that can be activated or set to inactive) to speak to you as you navigate its functions - including set up, folder organization and menu navigation. It also has an Intelligent Auto Mode function which will...

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  • Olympus Digital Recorder WS-852

    Olympus Digital Recorder WS-852

    The new WS-852 digital audio recorder from Olympus is great for simple and easy note-taking in the classroom, at home, or at work. HIGH QUALITY RECORDING IN A COMPACT AND EASY TO USE DEVICE. About the Olympus WS-852 The Olympus WS-852 4GB Digital Voice...

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  • EZ Outlet

    EZ Outlet

    This electrical outlet cover replaces your existing cover and provides a 3-dimensions guide to help you plug an electrical appliance into the wall. Its deep, contoured guide allows you to safely direct your plug into the electrical slots, without...

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  • Eltrinex Talking Digital Voice Recorder

    Eltrinex Talking Digital Voice Recorder

    The Eltrinex talking digital recorder has been specifically designed for the visually impaired user and speaks all functions and screen displays.   The many features of the Eltrinex V12Pro Talking Digital Voice Recorder are: Speaks all...

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