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  • Image: pill box with easy open button

    Push Button XL 2X/Day Pill Box

    Extra large pill box measures 8 3/4" x 4 3/8" x 1" and has 2 sets of boxes for AM and PM doses, for seven days,  Sunday through Saturday.  This allows a caregiver to pour out all the medications for one week in advance, reducing the possibility...

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  • Pill Cutter with Magnifier

    Pill Cutter with Magnifier

    Pill cutter with magnifier and pill centering device is the the safest and easiest way to split pills and vitamins. Adjustable Slide Guide centers all shapes of pills, while a Safety Shield finger guard protects fingers. Magnifying cover makes it easier...

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  • Basic Pill Splitter

    Basic Pill Splitter

    Basic pill cutter has a stainless steel blade to cut pills of all shapes and sizes.  Splitting pills can allow a user to buy more economical doses and to cut to the correct size.  Cut pills in half with the simple close of the lid.  Unused...

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  • Brailled Weekly Pill Organizer

    Brailled Weekly Pill Organizer

    Seven individual pill compartments in a single compact plastic container. Measures 5.5 inches long x .78 deep x 1 wide. Marked in Braille and standard alphabet for each day of the week.Currently available in blue. Please note: Due to federal and state...

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  • Jumbo Plastic Pill Box With Braille

    Jumbo Plastic Pill Box With Braille

    Organize your weekly medications with ease with this 7 day Jumbo Plastic Pill Box with Braille and extra large printed letters on each lid for each day of the week. The box, itself, measures 11 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches deep and 1 1/4 inches tall. Each...

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  • Twice-A-Day Weekly Pill Organizer

    Twice-A-Day Weekly Pill Organizer

    Always have your weekly pills at the ready with this twice-a-day weekly pill organizer.Two large compartments per day are marked with the name of the day plus AM and PM. In the beginning of the week, distribute the pills you take in the morning into the...

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  • iRemember - Talking Pill Organizer

    iRemember - Talking Pill Organizer

    Not sure if you took your pills today? Now you can confidently take control of your health with the iRemember weekly Talking Pill Organizer. The iRemember Bluetooth 4.1 enabled talking pill lid comes with seven stacked 3 section compartments for each day...

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