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  • Low Vision Bingo Card

    Low Vision Bingo Card

    Made out of heavy duty material, these Low Vision Bingo Cards are built to last. The large print makes these cards great for people who have trouble finding numbers. Features Ideal for visually impaired Rounded corners to decrease the...

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  • Easy-Read Finger - Tip Bingo Cards

    Easy-Read Finger - Tip Bingo Cards

    When your numbers are called, mark them by pushing the translucent plastic tabs over the numbers. After you win, just push them back and you are ready for the next game. Cards measure 8 x 9 inches. Numbers measure nearly .75 inches

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  • Freeze Up! Talking Memory Sharpening Game

    Freeze Up! Talking Memory Sharpening Game

    Two to eight players will have a hilarious time thinking of a name that belongs in the category they have chosen. For instance, if the category is "animals" and the first letter must be "s", the player can say "snake" or "snail" or any other word...

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    Tactile Connect Four

    Tactile Connect Four

    This tactile Connect Four has holes in one color of the pieces so that those who are Blind or visually impaired can distinguish one color from the other. Connect Four is so much fun for the entire family, young and old alike. The challenge is simple, yet...

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  • Oversized Wood Domino Set

    Oversized Wood Domino Set

    Easy on the eyes, easy on the hands and fun to play. The 3.2" x 1.75" x .25" wood pieces are painted black with large white circles, making them easy to see and very graspable. Adults with arthritis or low vision will enjoy playing dominoes with this set...

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  • Dominoes - Indented Dots

    Dominoes - Indented Dots

    These very large dominoes have a high-contrast black on white design, and the dots are indented for tactual identification. The one piece plastic box has a built-in spinner to help you mix the tiles. Each of the 28 Double Six dominoes measures 1 x 2...

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