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Independent Living Aids offers a wider variety of products for the hard of hearing, or deaf, individuals.  Our simple to use products are a great way to amplify conversations around the individual and to allow them to join in a conversatins.  Products can include amplified telephones - both corded and cordless, as well as stand along amplifiers and ringers for existing home telephones and cell phones.  A personal amplifier, or a Assistive Listening Device (ALD) is a simple device for someone who needs extra assistance hearing but who may not use a hearing aid.  Alerting systems help the deaf stay in touch with crucial activities in the home, including the ring of a telephone, a smoke detector signal, a weather alert, or even an alarm clock. And finally, for the hard of hearing user who wants to stay on schedule, a clock or watch with a vibrating bed shaker or vibrating alarm can do the trick to wake up even the hardest of sleepers.