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  • image: eye drop guide image: eye drop guide with bottle

    Esy Dose Eye Drop Guide

    If you struggle to get eye drops neatly into the correct eye, this eye drop guide may definitely help.  The eye drop bottle snaps into the guide, and then the ezy drop eye drop guide correctly aligns your eye drops with your eye to help to ensure...

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  • Image: boil alert in package Image: boil alert

    Metal Boil Alert

    This small, metal disc sits in a pot of water or other liquid.  Once the liquid in the pot starts to boil, the disc rattles against the sides of the pot, letting the user know that the water is fully boiling.  This audible rattle helps take the...

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  • Image: New penfriend labels

    PenFriend III Labels - 205 Pack

    Increase your labeling power by purchasing additional, unique labels for your Penfriend, and continue labeling everything in your house! Stick a label onto a small 1" square magnet, and label all your canned food products.  Labels can be re-recorded...

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  • Image: Patriot voice EZ Image: Patriot voice EZ, side

    Patriot Voice EZ

    An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reader will take a picture of printed material and then convert that picture into an audio output, so that you can listen to a printed document.  The Patriot Voice EZ is a stand-alone, lightweight OCR reading...

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  • Image: cable labels Image: cable labels on cables

    Cable Labels

    This colored, write-on labeling system can help make sense of the rats nest of wires and cables under your desk.  Hook and loop labels come in 6 colors and 2 different shapes - oval and flute.  Write on the label to help identify a cable, then...

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  • Image: tablet holder Image: tablet holder, side

    Tablet or Cell Phone Holder

    Folding plastic stand can hold a tablet or mobile phone – or any device up to 10” high x .25” thick.  Provides a great hands free option for viewing any tablet or phone.  Great for tired or shaky hands.  Also very useful...

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  • Image: microwave cool caddy with bowl Image: microwave cool caddy with plate

    Microwave Cool Caddy

    Microwave caddy can hold any plate or bowl between 5” and 10” and prevents burnt fingers by offering a safer way to remove and carry hot foods from a microwave.  Caddy catches spills and boil-overs and makes microwave clean up much...

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