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  • image: mini wilson

    Wilson Mini Digital Recorder

    The Mini Wilson is a simple and easy to use digital recorder - great for quick messages.  It can store multiple messages, up to 2 hours of recording time.  This makes it easy to store quick notes such as a shopping list, a phone number, or a...

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  • image: midland weather radio

    Midland Weather Radio

    The Midland weather radio is the gold standard of NOAA Weather Radios. The Midland WR120 NOAA Weather Alert Radio features S.A.M.E. EZ localized programming and alerts you to over 60 kinds of weather hazards and emergencies. When a severe weather watch...

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  • Image: large print bible

    Large Print Bible

    This large print Bible, in an extra big 16 point font, contains both the Old and New Testaments, making it a wonderful book for a low vision individual wishing to continue their Bible readings at home, or to follow along more easily in church.  This...

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  • image: panasonic extra handset

    Additional Handset for 721148

    Expand the range of your Panasonic KX-TGM420 (ILA Model 721148) with this additional handset.  Using mutliple units of this handset, the entire phone system can support up to 6 cordless handsets in total, allowing you to have a phone in every room...

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