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Support & Transfer Aids

  • Image: Liberty Lift Assist Image: Liberty Lift Assist with woman on bed

    Liberty Lift Assist

    The Liberty Lift allows a caregiver to safely and securely help lift an individual off of a couch or the floor, using only leverage and the caregiver's own weight.  A patented design helps maximize the caregiver's lift potential, without harming the...

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  • Image: folding step stool

    Folding Half Step Step Stool

    Sometimes you need just a little extra step to get in and out of a car or a room.  This 4" folding half step stool can easily provide a little extra lift wherever you need it, without requiring the effort of stepping up a full step.  Helpful...

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  • Image: easy riser support rail

    Multifunction Support Rail

    Free standing support rail can assist in getting out of bed or off of a couch.  Three levels of grips allow the user to have multiple points of leverage for both hands and can assist with rising from multiple locations and different heights.  A...

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  • SafetySure StandEase

    SafetySure StandEase

    The SafetySure StandEase is ideal for individuals with arthritis, recovering from hip surgery, osteoporosis, or anyone that has difficulty standing. The StandEase™ is lightweight and can be moved from room to room. You can take it on trips when...

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  • image: car cane

    Car Cane

    End the struggle of getting out of the car when you have back pain or mobility issues. With this lightweight Car Cane, once the car door is open you can slip the forged aluminum part of the Car Cane® handle into the latch of your door for a firm...

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