About ILA

About Us

Independent Living Aids, LLC is the oldest privately-held, mail-order company in the United States of products for individuals who are visually impaired, hard of hearing, or generally seeking for physical independence in their life. For over forty years, we have been providing essential aids with our superb service, and we are proud to be a trusted source of products for the blind, visually impaired, arthritic, hard of hearing, or senior population. We offer carefully selected, quality products at reasonable prices.

Our goal is to help our customers remain active and independent. Each item we carry is chosen because it offers features that make it easier to use by individuals with vision or hearing loss. Some items have LARGE print, many talk, others have tactile markings, Braille, vibration alerts, strobe lights or are just easy to use. Other products are designed to help people with declining mobility or flexibility to maintain independence in their daily routine.  These products can include bathroom aids, eating aids, walkers and other health care products and durable medical equipment.  

We have also expanded our product line for deaf and hard-of-hearing customers, with the acquisition of SoundBytes. We carry a comprehensive selection of popular, well- designed items to assist users in conversation, on the telephone, watching television, and other daily activities. We are also increasing our selection of "crossover" products for individuals with both a hearing and vision loss. Hearing loss can cause feelings of isolation and depression, and, as the population ages and more people lose their hearing, our simple, specially adaptive products can help many people communicate easily and therefore enjoy life more!

We ship to all 50 states and throughout the world using either standard shipping, overnight, or expedited delivery upon request. Having packages delivered to your home, rather than going to stores, makes useful products available to you in the comfort and safety of your home.

If you need additional information about an item you find on our site, our outstanding customer service representatives are happy to assist you. Just call 1-800-537-2118.