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  • Talking Pedometer

    Talking Pedometer

    Talking pedometer can help you stay in shape with a regular activity regime.   Results can be announced in steps and in distance Distance can be reported in miles or kilometers talking alarm clock announces the time uses 1 CR2025 battery,...

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  • Pedal Exerciser

    Pedal Exerciser

    Enjoy bicycle-type exercise from your chair or place the unit on a table to exercise arms. Helps improve circulation and muscle strength. Made of heavy-duty steel with large knob to adjust for variable resistance. Features comfortable pedal straps to...

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  • SALE
    ISA Regulation Soccer Ball with Bells

    ISA Regulation Soccer Ball with Bells

    Here is an authentic, industry-standard size 5 soccer ball. It's the exact size and weight of a pro ball, the ones used by professional soccer players across the country (and around the world). It has two jingling bells inside, so everyone will know...

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    Now: $11.76
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  • ISA Goalball

    ISA Goalball

    Goalball is a sport played internationally and at a paralympic level. It is played by two opposing teams of 3 blind players who try to roll the ball with intensity into the other team's goal. The ball contains internal bells that alert each player to its...

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  • Official Goalball Official Goalball

    Official Goalball

    This is a product for the blind that many have used around the world to play the sport of Goalball. This sport is played on an international and paralympic level by athletes. The Goalball resonates a loud, crisp, sleigh-bell sound when it is rolled. The...

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