Flashlights & Spot Lights

  • Mobility Cane Lite

    Mobility Cane Lite

    Snap on LED light for mobility canes. Illuminate the path in front of you. Clips onto the thinner shaft of white mobility canes. For thicker support canes, see item 541032. Uses 1 AA battery (included.)

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  • Cane Lite

    Cane Lite

    Snap on LED light. Provide extra light to illuminate the path in front of you. Can clip onto the shaft of a support cane, walker, or crutch. Fits diameters to 1 1/16". Can also clip on to hat visors or other pieces of clothing or bags. For white...

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  • Dual Beam Flashlight

    Dual Beam Flashlight

    •2 different lights - one pointing forward to light the path and one pointing downward at the feet to light the next step •3 way switch to turn on forward light, bottom light, or both •easy grip design is good for people with weaker...

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  • Lil Larry Light

    Lil Larry Light

    Lil Larry™ is the latest addition to the Larry family of lights, and it packs a punch. At only 6.25" high, it has a high power 250 lumen COB LED light, which can be changed between a high or low setting and a flashing emergency red light. It uses...

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  • Larry Light C LED Pocket Work Light

    Larry Light C LED Pocket Work Light

    The original Larry Light, now known as the Larry C, has been improved and is now brighter than ever! Equipped with new COB LED technology, the Larry C outputs 170 lumens of extremely bright light with a long bar style light instead of multiple led bulbs...

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