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Electronic Magnification

An electronic magnification device (often known as a CCTV) is a great device for a person who requires a high level of magnification.  An electronic magnifier, or a video magnifier, displays that magnification on a digital screen, freeing the user from small, physical magnifying lenses.  Portable electronic magnifiers can range from a 3.5" screen up to something as large as a 12" screen.  A traditional desktop magnifier, or a desktop CCTV usually stays put on a user's desk, and can range in screen size from 16" to 24".  Some electronic magnifiers also have OCR.  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows printed material to be scanned (or snap shotted) and then turned into digital text which can be read back to the user using text to speech technology.  There are lots of sizes, styles, and functions in an electronic magnifier, so be sure to find something that works best for your needs.