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Door Bells & Ringers

  • SquareGlow Tap It Vibrating Receiver

    SquareGlow Tap It Vibrating Receiver

    The Tap It clip on vibrating alert can connect to any SquareGlow product to notify a visually impaired or deaf/blind user to an activity in the home.  It also has adjustable volume from 0-115dB.  600 foot range.  Operates on 2 AAA...

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  • SquareGlow Home Kit

    SquareGlow Home Kit

    Communicate through light with the SquareGlow alerting system.  The SquareGlow line of products is a wireless home or office alerting system which alerts the user to different activities in the home via a system of unique SquareGlow flashers. ...

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  • Wireless Doorbell with Chime and Strobe

    Wireless Doorbell with Chime and Strobe

    This wireless system rings a chime and flashes a bright strobe when the doorbell rings. The included wireless doorbell affixes outside and the strobe receiver plugs into any AC outlet in the house.  The transmitter can be programmed to play one of...

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  • Simplicity Doorbell Signaler - Wired

    Simplicity Doorbell Signaler - Wired

    For use in a home with an existing doorbell. - flashes a connected lamp when doorbell is rung. - transmits to any Simplicity remote receiver, our item HC418. - Switch allows lamp to be used for lighting as well as signaling.

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  • Simplicity Wireless Doorbell Flasher

    Simplicity Wireless Doorbell Flasher

    The Simplicity wireless doorbell signaler pairs with a Simplicity remote receiver and allows a hard of hearing user to be better aware of someone ringing the doorbell.  This wireless doorbell is great for a home that doesn't have any existing...

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