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Personal Organizers

  • Personal Life Organizer In Large Print

    Personal Life Organizer In Large Print

    The most fundamental information about your personal history, your present life and your plans for your future life and death should be recorded in one location for reference by your children or caregivers. This spiral bound booklet has categories for...

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  • Talking Label Wand

    Talking Label Wand

    The Talking Label Wand allows you to create your own recorded messages to record anything in your home. Put a special sticker on anything which you want to label, and record a message or audio label into the talking label wand which you want to associate...

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  • PenFriend III Voice Labeling System

    PenFriend III Voice Labeling System

    The PenFriend III Audio Labeler by RNIB is a fantastic way to create voice recorded labels for everything and anything in your house. Record your own message to identify anything you wish, and associate that recording to a special adhesive label. ...

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