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  • Bellman Audio Stethoclips

    Bellman Audio Stethoclips

    Designed to be used in conjunction with high end personal amplifiers, these stethoclips plug into the earphone jack of an audio or amplifying device and are capable of delivering amplified sound in mono up to 140 dB. They are extremely comfortable to...

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  • Bellman Pager Charger

    Bellman Pager Charger

    The Bellman Visit Charger is used to recharge the Bellman Visit Pager when powered by a rechargeable battery. For alerting during night-time, it is possible to connect the Charger to the Bellman Alarm Clock or up to two Bed-shakers.

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  • Bellman Alarm Clock

    Bellman Alarm Clock

    Awake by means of flashing lights and an acoustic ring signal which grows louder and sweeps through different sound frequencies during the alarm or use the two powerful bed shakers that generate a clear vibration during the alarm. The clock can further...

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  • Bellman Visit 433-Alarm Clock Receiver

    Bellman Visit 433-Alarm Clock Receiver

    The Bellman Visit alarm clock works in conjunction with the Bellman Visit Alerting system and can receive signals from any of the system transmitters. Bright flahing alerts, distinct sound patterns or vibrations (when used with an optional bedshaker) can...

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  • Bellman Bed Shaker

    Bellman Bed Shaker

    Put The Bed-shaker under the pillow and this device will alert you during you sleep by clear vibrations for all the various calls and alarms. The Bellman Bed-shaker can be connected to the Bellman Visit Portable receiver, the Bellman Visit Charger, the...

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  • Bellman Flash Receiver

    Bellman Flash Receiver

    The Bellman Visit Flash Receiver attracts your attention with powerful and distinct flashes and indicates the type of signal with different colored LEDs, just like the Bellman Visit Pager. - receiver can also be connected directly to the telephone line...

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  • Bellman Portable Receiver Bellman Portable Receiver

    Bellman Portable Receiver

    The Bellman Visit portable receiver receives signals from the various Visit transmitters and alerts you by using a range of different sound and light signals for the various different alarms. - receiver has an optimized sound frequency and an adjustable...

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