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TV Amplifiers

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    Portable TV Speaker

    Bring the television sound closer to you with this amplified TV sound box.  Amplified portable speaker plugs directly into your TV to provide wireless amplified sound from your TV up to 100 feet away from the TV.  Or plug wired headphones into...

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    Serene Wireless TV Headphones

    Having a hard time hearing the television? Do you want to be able to turn up the volume, without blasting the sound through the whole house? Serene's personal sound amplifier allows the user to hear more clearly the dialog on the TV, while allowing the...

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  • TV SoundBox

    TV SoundBox

    This portable and wireless SoundBox® speaker, produced by Serene Innovations, brings adjustable TV sound right in front of you or where ever you go within your home. It is designed with a convenient handle for carrying it from place to place. No...

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