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  • 6Dot Electronic Braille Label Maker

    6Dot Electronic Braille Label Maker

    The 6Dot Electronic Braille Label Maker Kit is the perfect portable or desktop tool/sidekick for one to create high quality and sturdy Braille labels in many languages. Use the built in Braille keyboard to enter letters, using all grades of Braille, or...

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  • Perkins Smart Brailler

    Perkins Smart Brailler

    The Perkins Smart Brailler® is a wonderful newly designed electronic Brailler that makes learning to Braille easier and great fun. The video display and verbal feedback enables Teachers and Parents to watch and hear the letters as the student types...

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  • Braille Label Maker Braille Label Maker

    Braille Label Maker

    This braille labeler is perfect for a Blind person wanting to organize their belongings. This labeler has a tactile dial with Braille letters, as well as print letters so a sighted friend can help. The dial has the complete alphabet, as well as number...

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  • Classic Perkins Brailler

    Classic Perkins Brailler

    Perkins Braillers are the world's standard for Brailling excellence. Featuring adjustable margin stops, they will accommodate paper up to fourteen inches long, and have large paper feed knobs. They will emboss 25 lines with 42 cells on a standard 11" x...

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