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Talking Household Items

Many tasks around the house may be difficult for a low vision individual, but many of ILA's talking household products can make that task a little easier.  These talking products can include a talking timer, a talking thermostat, a talking tape measurer, a talking product labeler, talking indoor/outdoor thermometer, talking phones, talking color identifiers, and talking kitchen items.  

  • Megavoice Pathway Talking Bible, NKJV Megavoice Pathway Talking Bible, NKJV

    Megavoice Pathway Talking Bible, NKJV

    The Pathway talking Bible from Megavoice is a small, rechargeable battery powered audio Bible, offering both the New and Old Testaments in the New King James Version.  It  has a simple keypad for navigation, moving forward and backwards ...

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  • iBill Talking Banknote Identifier

    iBill Talking Banknote Identifier

    Convenient, accurate and compact, the new iBill Talking Banknote Identifier is even better than before, enhancing independence and confidence with ease of use.The new iBill now offers:Accurate and immediate identification of paper money provides peace of...

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  • Talking Timer

    Talking Timer

    • talking countdown timer speaks hours and minutes during set up • set up to 24 hours • speaks remaining time on demand • attached magnet/clip • requires 2 AAA batteries (NI)

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  • Columbus Talking Compass

    Columbus Talking Compass

    The 'Columbus' is a hand-held device that verbally announces the major compass points of North, East, South and West, as well as the interim points of North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West. Measuring just 2.75 inches long by 2 inches wide by...

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  • Talking Pet Sounds Puzzle

    Talking Pet Sounds Puzzle

    Some of our favorite pets are waiting to "speak" to your child. Place the puzzle piece into the well with the matching picture on the puzzle board and hear the animal meow, woof or tweet! Eye and ear-catching puzzle enhances matching and listening skills...

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  • Talking Farm Animals Sound Puzzle

    Talking Farm Animals Sound Puzzle

    Each happy farm animal "sounds off" in its own voice when its animal puzzle piece is placed correctly in this eight-piece wooden peg puzzle! Your child will enjoy hearing all eight sounds and looking at the full-color, matching pictures under the pieces,...

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  • Talking Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle

    Talking Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle

    Puzzles are more than just fun for children, they offer many learning opportunities. Puzzles increase vocabulary, develop hand-eye coordination, improve memory, and build literacy skills. Our 8-piece Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle adds another...

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  • Freeze Up! Talking Memory Sharpening Game

    Freeze Up! Talking Memory Sharpening Game

    Two to eight players will have a hilarious time thinking of a name that belongs in the category they have chosen. For instance, if the category is "animals" and the first letter must be "s", the player can say "snake" or "snail" or any other word...

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  • Victor Reader Trek Talking GPS

    Victor Reader Trek Talking GPS

    The Humanware™ Victor Reader Trek combines their Victor Reader Stream talking book player with a talking GPS all in one lightweight portable unit! With the Victor Reader Trek the entertainment possibilities are endless. Listen to audio books and...

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  • Talking Tape Measure

    Talking Tape Measure

    A 16 foot standard metal tape measure that announces the measured length with an accuracy of .06 of an inch. Product Features:the distance will be announced in a pleasant British male voiceoperates with memory mode, and can be used to measure...

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