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Phone Accessories

  • Phone Auto Hang Up Box

    Phone Auto Hang Up Box

    This clever device will "hang up" a phone line, even if someone forgets to put the phone back in the cradle.  Phone plugs into the box and the box will  automatically release the line if the phone is not hung up properly, making the line...

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  • Vocally 3 Freedom Voice Dialer

    Vocally 3 Freedom Voice Dialer

    Vocally 3 Freedom Voice Activated In-Line Telephone DialerThis voice activated dialer is quite easy to use. Simply attach it to your favorite telephone and record the name of the person or place you would like to program and dial that number on the...

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  • Talking Digital Answering Machine

    Talking Digital Answering Machine

    Stand alone, digital AT&T answering machine ensures reliable performance, instant access to messages and the ability to selectively save and delete messages.  Talking functionality helps improve accessibility for a low vision user.PRODUCT...

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