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Eye Care

  • image: eye drop guide image: eye drop guide with bottle

    Esy Dose Eye Drop Guide

    If you struggle to get eye drops neatly into the correct eye, this eye drop guide may definitely help.  The eye drop bottle snaps into the guide, and then the ezy drop eye drop guide correctly aligns your eye drops with your eye to help to ensure...

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  • Sleep Mask

    Sleep Mask

    A fabric covered opaque mask with soft padding around the nose that totally blocks out the light. The elastic band keeps the mask in place while you enjoy a restful sleep.

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  • Mindfold Black-out Mask

    Mindfold Black-out Mask

    This extremely comfortable face-mask will provide total darkness for sleeping or relaxing. An opaque black plastic shield covers a foam pad that conforms to your face while allowing air to circulate. Eye cutouts in the foam pad let you open your eyes...

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  • Eye Patch - Convex Shape

    Eye Patch - Convex Shape

    Place eye patch over one eye to block light or protect the eye.  Good for use after surgery or in cases of more permanent damage to the eye.  One size fits all and it permits eye movement. It is made of soft vinyl with an elastic head band to...

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  • Eye Drop Guide

    Eye Drop Guide

    This eye dropper helps solve the problems encountered by many eyedropper users, who involuntarily blink or who sometimes just miss the eye. Simply remove the cap from a bottle of eye drops, and snap this dropper guide to the top of the eyedrop container...

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