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Eating Helpers & Utensils

  • Image: slip on handle

    Slip On Rubber Handle

    This slip on handle measures 1 3/8" in diameter and creates an easy-to-use built up handle for people with a poor grip. The outer surface is a smooth vinyl with finger bumps, while the inside core is foam tubing to easily hold a utensil, toothbrush or...

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  • Image: divided plate Image: divided plate on green background

    Divided Plate

    Platic melamine plate has three divided sections, separated by raised divders.  This can help keep food separated on the plate, but it can also provide additional surfaces to push against when trying to get food on a fork or a spoon.  Plate has...

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  • Image: weighted utensils

    Weighted Utensils

    These weighted utensils are a great mealtime aid for people with shaky hands or limited mobility and grip issues.  The extra weight, combined with the contoured grip, can reduce some of the effects of the shaking and make the utensils easier to hold...

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  • Dycem Non-Slip Yellow Placemat

    Dycem Non-Slip Yellow Placemat

    The Dycem non-slip activity pads have a surface that helps keep items from slipping and sliding.  They are a great way to help keep cups and plates in place, and are also very handy when coordinating different craft activities.  Items are less...

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  • 2 Stage Liquid Level Alert

    2 Stage Liquid Level Alert

    Reduce your chance of overflowing your coffee or tea mug with this 2 stage liquid level detector. It features 2 prongs with adjustable depths warning you with a beep or buzz as your drink reaches the lip of your mug. The 2 stage liquid level alert...

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  • Inner Lip Plate

    Inner Lip Plate

    The Inner Lip plate is designed for use by elderly or handicapped people as an aid in self-feeding. The inner lip holds the food on the plate, while the person brings the fork or spoon to the edge of the plate. The plate is  very successfully used...

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