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Text Scanners & OCR Readers

  • Patriot Voice Plus Scanner and Reader

    Patriot Voice Plus Scanner and Reader

    A standalone, portable scanner and reader that can scan and read aloud nearly any printed document including mail, newspapers, TV Guides, or magazines. Features simple, big buttons for easy identification and navigation. Easy to manage settings such...

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  • Mercury 8 Electronic Magnifier with Speech

    Mercury 8 Electronic Magnifier with Speech

    Mercury 8 is a durable handheld 8" tablet magnifier with accurate full page OCR. This allows a user to both read magnified material on a large screen and to scan(via snapshot) and listen to that same printed material. In reading/OCR mode, a user can...

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  • Patriot Electronic Magnifier and OCR

    Patriot Electronic Magnifier and OCR

    This 10" reader is an easy to use magnification system based on an Android tablet. It can use live magnification to magnify any reading material, or it can scan and read a full page of reading material using optical character recognition and...

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  • Issist ReadDesk-Lite

    Issist ReadDesk-Lite

    ReadDesk is a simple scanning, reading and magnifying device with all the features needed to make reading easy and accessible, with instant text to speech capabilities as well. Scan, read, magnify, save and listen to any printed material in a natural...

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  • Mercury 12" Windows Magnifier with OCR

    Mercury 12" Windows Magnifier with OCR

    The Mercury 12 Windows 12" tablet is extensively enhanced with digital magnification, optical character recognition (OCR), and Text-To-Speech - allowing it to create spoken documents from printed documents.   Terrific for students who need a...

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  • SALE
    Patriot Viewpoint Wearable Technology

    Patriot Viewpoint Wearable Technology

    Wearable Samsung virtual reality technology lets you be completely hands free while doing the things you enjoy at both near AND distance! Read, write, or watch a live performance or sporting event!  Features• wearable electronic magnifier with...

    Was: $2,995.00
    Now: $2,795.76
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  • ScanMarker Air ScanMarker Air

    ScanMarker Air

    The ScanMarker Air allows you to scan a single line of text using the ScanMarker "pen" and send that text to either your smartphone or computer, using either Bluetooth or USB connectivity. You can scan either directly into the ScanMarker app or to an...

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