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    Complete Braille Sudoku Set

    A favorite game of numerical strategy, Sudoku, is now available for Blind and low vision players with this wooden playing board with Braille number tiles, and a Braille book with 100 Sudoku puzzle and solutions.This set consists of a 9 inches x 9 inches...

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  • Tactile Chess Set

    Tactile Chess Set

    All wood tactile Chess board is made entirely of authentic, genuine teak, giving it an elegant look and a sturdy feel. Complete with plastic tactile playing pieces designed to be identified by touch, this set is a must-have for any Blind Chess player...

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  • Brailled Talking USA Jigsaw Puzzle Brailled Talking USA Jigsaw Puzzle

    Brailled Talking USA Jigsaw Puzzle

    Begin building the USA map by finding the border states. When you place a State puzzle piece with the State's initials, in Braille, into the correct puzzle place, a voice announces the state and its capital. Measures 15.5 x 11.5 inches. Operates on 2 AAA...

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  • Raised Line Drawing Board

    Raised Line Drawing Board

    A specially designed board that allows the user to write or draw on a regular sheet of paper and make the writing be tactile. You place a sheet of 8.5" x 11" standard or Braille paper on the board, write with a standard pen, turn the paper over and feel...

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