Games for Two

Posted by Alicia Baucom on May 29th 2020

Last week we looked at group activities and games specifically geared towards the visually impaired. For those that prefer smaller scale

Games for the Visually Impaired

Posted by Alicia Baucom on May 25th 2020

Games are a fun pastime no matter your age or ability. Finding a game that resonates with you and is truly enjoyable can at times be cha

Understanding Hearing Loss

Posted by Alicia Baucom on May 15th 2020

According to Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss often waiti

Mother's Day Around the World

Posted by Alicia Baucom on May 1st 2020

Mother’s Day is upon us and there are many ways to celebrate the mothers in your life. Many attributes go into being a mother with commo

Distance Viewing

Posted by Alicia Baucom on Apr 24th 2020

The first magnifier constructed for scientific purposes is believed to have been designed by the English philosopher Roger Bacon (circa