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Spanish Talking Products

ILA also has many of its most popular talking products available speaking in Spanish.  These include talking watches, talking clocks, talking scales, talking thermometers, and talking bibles.  


ILA también tiene muchos de sus productos parlantes disponibles en español. Estos incluyen relojes parlantes, relojes parlantes, balanzas parlantes, termómetros parlantes y biblias parlantes.


  • Talking Oral Thermometer

    Talking Oral Thermometer

    Talking bi-lingual oral medical thermometer delivers spoken results in 8 seconds and can give results in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Speaks in English and Spanish. Large digital display has .75" high digits. Voice can toggle off. Please note: Due to federal...

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  • 5 Language Talking Body Scale

    5 Language Talking Body Scale

    Attractive tempered glass scale has a 440 pound capacity and can speak results in 5 languages, including English, Spanish, and German. Instruction manual is in English and Spanish English voice only reports results in pounds.  Spanish voice only...

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