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  • EZ-IN Sewing Machine Threader

    EZ-IN Sewing Machine Threader

    At last we've located a reliable needle threader for sewing machines. It's time to end the frustration and eye fatigue caused when trying to thread the well known vertical sewing machine needle. This EZ-IN sewing machine threader will thread that needle...

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  • Tactile Tape Measure

    Tactile Tape Measure

    A soft flat tape designed to indicate measurements by feel. This 60 inch measuring tape is marked by a single eyelet at every inch and half inch. Two eyelets mark every foot. Large numbers against the white background make it also useful for the sighted.

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  • Floss Threader 25 Pack

    Floss Threader 25 Pack

    A loop constructed of flexible nylon that is designed to guide dental floss through bridges, implants and tight spaces, but makes and excellent and affordable needle threader. 25 loops in a pack.

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