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Money Management

  • Big Print Check Register

    Big Print Check Register

    Spiral bound with a hard cover, this check register uses large type for headings and gives ample space to write with a bold pen. Space for 336 entries and measures 9" x 5".

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  • Check and Deposit Register

    Check and Deposit Register

    A large, easy-to-see check and deposit register to maintain a record at home of all your check transactions. Each 8.5 x 11 inches page is designed for 12 entries; 50 pages provide a total of 600 in the register.

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  • Credit Card Visibility Kit

    Credit Card Visibility Kit

    Reading the shiny, camouflaged credit card numbers is a real challenge. This kit provides the tools to help you solve this problem. It includes 5 templates with large spaces in which you can write your credit card number, expiration date and security...

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  • Expense Payment Log

    Expense Payment Log

    This spiral-bound booklet is organized to help you pay your bills on time and to keep a permanent record of how much you paid, the date you mailed your check and the check number. The template is written in large print and bold lines. There are two...

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  • Pocket Money Brailler

    Pocket Money Brailler

    Place the bill between the two plastic Brailled strips and press the strips together. The denomination of the bill will be Brailled onto the money to allow you to identify it by touch when it is in your wallet. It can mark one, five, ten, twenty, fifty...

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  • Personal Financial Management Kit Personal Financial Management Kit

    Personal Financial Management Kit

    This sturdy plastic envelope contains a complete collection of writing and record keeping products to help you independently manage your finances. We have included the following: plastic signature, check, and letter writing guidesportable and desk sized...

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