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  • Wikki Stix Fun Activity Set

    Wikki Stix Fun Activity Set

    Wikki Stix are "sticky" coated pipe cleaners that can be shaped and reshaped into an infinite number of objects in order to help teach visually impaired students different concepts for shapes and objects.  The engaging stix can be twisted, stuck on...

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  • Wikki Stix Numbers & Counting Cards

    Wikki Stix Numbers & Counting Cards

    Fun, colorful cards from 1 to 20 for learning number formation!Plus early education activities including counting, math concepts and simple shapes. 27 individual cards plus 36 Wikki Stix. Sturdy card-stock for repeated use. Can be laminated for use in...

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  • Wikki Stix Primary Color Pack (48 pack)

    Wikki Stix Primary Color Pack (48 pack)

    For visually impaired children, it can be difficult to find toys for them to enjoy. Wikki Stix brings bright colors and hours of flexible fun to every child. The stix can be bent into letters, shapes, figures or whatever their imagination allows...

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  • Braille ABC Wooden Blocks

    Braille ABC Wooden Blocks

    This 28 block set is made from sustainable Michigan basswood with Braille and embossed letters along with traditional letter forms on the block. The attractive European style font is easily traced by little fingers. These blocks are not only fun to...

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  • Braille Math Blocks

    Braille Math Blocks

    Quality craftsmanship you can feel, with imaginative design and Braille lettering. The companion set to our Braille Sign Language set, these 16 blocks are embossed with numbers and basic math symbols, along with the corresponding Braille cell.

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  • SENSEsational Alphabet Flashcards

    SENSEsational Alphabet Flashcards

    Learning the alphabet has never been more exciting and stimulating! This fun and engaging card set lets your child feel the different textures of animals, smell the distinctive aromas of things, and much more! Learn the entire alphabet and many beginning...

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  • Combined Algebra Frame and 15 Row Abacus

    Combined Algebra Frame and 15 Row Abacus

    This arithmetic and algebra frame is a great tactile tool for teaching math. The 18x25 metal grid allows teachers to use tactile concepts to teach math and algebra using 50 metal pegs which slide into the holes on the grid. This set also includes a 15...

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  • Arithmetic & Algebra Frame

    Arithmetic & Algebra Frame

    This tactile method for teach math and algebra uses a 18x25 hole grid. 50 pegs can be placed in the grid to help form formulas and answers. The whole board measures 7.5" x 12" and has a tray at the bottom to hold the 50 pegs

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  • Perkins Smart Brailler

    Perkins Smart Brailler

    The Perkins Smart Brailler® is a wonderful newly designed electronic Brailler that makes learning to Braille easier and great fun. The video display and verbal feedback enables Teachers and Parents to watch and hear the letters as the student types...

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