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  • talking IR thermometer

    Talking Infrared Personal Thermometer

    Talking personal thermometer is an infrared, non contact thermometer, making it an excellent choice for personal or group safety.  To use the thermometer, simply hold the unit 2"-4" off of the forehead and wait a few seconds for the results. ...

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  • COIL AT MAX LED Magnifier 5X

    COIL AT MAX LED Magnifier 5X

    This 5X (16 diopter) COIL AT MAX LED Magnifiers offer a significantly larger viewing area than others in its class. Uniform spread of light across the entire 2 1/2" wide lens provides higher brightness and a longer lasting battery life due to the LED...

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  • Explore 5 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

    Explore 5 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

    The Explorē Series by HumanWare is its most portable line of (HD) High Definition handheld electronic magnifiers: there are 3 versions, the Explorē 3, 5 and 7.This Explorē 5 is a lightweight portable cctv that can be used anywhere to magnify...

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  • 3.5" Portable Magnifier

    3.5" Portable Magnifier

    This 3.5" portable magnifier (CCTV) is exceptionally portable. Carry it in your pocketbook, pocket, carrying bag, etc. This easy to use portable CCTV has a magnification range of 2X to 24X. One freeze framed image can be saved to zoom in on as needed...

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  • Sturdy Signature Guide

    Sturdy Signature Guide

    A nearly indestructible signature guide made of sturdy black plastic with a hole to accommodate a key chain or string. Provided with a silver tone key ring attached. Dimensions: - 3 3/8" Wide and 2 1/8" High. - The signature opening is more...

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  • Giant Button Affordable Speaker Phone

    Giant Button Affordable Speaker Phone

    In addition to 10 two-touch speed dialing, 3 programmable one-touch speed dials, hold button, last number re-dial, it is a two-way speaker phone with volume control. Measures 8.50 x 5.75 inches and has 1 x 1.25 inch buttons with large bold numbers. Desk...

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  • ThumBright Pocket Magnifier 4X/70mm

    ThumBright Pocket Magnifier 4X/70mm

    These new Super Bright LED Pocket Magnifiers are a wonderful and useful tool to carry around in your pocket, briefcase or pocket book. This 4X (12D) clear round, 2 3/4 inches wide, lens really helps you zoom in and focus on smaller print. The bright LED...

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