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  • COIL AT MAX LED Magnifier 5X

    COIL AT MAX LED Magnifier 5X

    This 5X (16 diopter) COIL AT MAX LED Magnifiers offer a significantly larger viewing area than others in its class. Uniform spread of light across the entire 2 1/2" wide lens provides higher brightness and a longer lasting battery life due to the LED...

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  • ThumBright Pocket Magnifier 4X/70mm

    ThumBright Pocket Magnifier 4X/70mm

    These new Super Bright LED Pocket Magnifiers are a wonderful and useful tool to carry around in your pocket, briefcase or pocket book. This 4X (12D) clear round, 2 3/4 inches wide, lens really helps you zoom in and focus on smaller print. The bright LED...

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